Made some brunch… #eggsbenedict with homemade English muffins and #Hollandaise. Yum!

Afternoon work snack #lychee #livinginchina

Bet #birthdaycake ever… baked by my beloved bf;)

Gotta love this place but… What are you doing #Starbucks?!? Serving me my #cookies with a plastic fork and knife.

This month, our department planned the birthday party for the whole office… Here’s my first photoshop endeavor;) (at Wangfujing)

Waiting for Trevor to get home so we can play our new #boardgame for 2… #Agricola

#Chinglish or a whole lot of nonsense?!? (at Wangfujing, Beijing, China)

The Golden Temple, Amritsar, India


What did you think of living in Pocheon? I was asked if I was interested in teaching at an elementary school there. It looks very rural though. Did you enjoy it there? Is there a fun city nearby?

Asked by Anonymous


Hi. Pocheon is a very big area and there are many smaller villages within. Pocheon city is small-to-medium-sized city that has many buses that connect to Seoul in about 1.5 hours. I actually lived in Uncheon which is farther north than Pocheon city. It was super rural and only foreigners in the village were the other teachers at the middle school and high school. I cherished my time in Korea despite it being so different from everything I’ve known before. I made plenty of friends in the neighboring villages and area as well as spent most weekends in Seoul. Guess it really depends what you are looking for. A quieter life with occasional outings, then great. Going out and socializing with many other foreigners, then no so much. I have some contacts still around that area if you end up going there or want more information. Let me know:) Best of luck!

1/15/2014 (12:42pm)